Q&A With Rising Artist Omar Get Em

Omar Get Em!! Much respect for reppin the DMV area hard!  City area right there.  Please tell us how long have you been rapping?  Also how has the DMV area influenced your Hip Hop career?

I have been rapping for about 5 years and producing for 3.

Very curious, Why did you decide to drop a 4 track EP, usually we see EP’s that are between  5-8 tracks, Honestly each song really holds its own.  It’s short and sweet!  Was this the original plan?

The EP has a lot of extended time on some of the tracks.  Some of the songs even have 2 in 1 so I decided to lengthen the track length but keep the track list short and sweet.  This was not the original plan but I think it turned out great.

Please breakdown the creative process of your latest mixtape “Project 21”.  How long did it take to produce?  Also tell us a bit about the dope mixtape cover?  Do you prefer FIJI water over anything else??!!…LOL

The beats were made within a 4 month time frame. The cover resembles the color vibe of the EP and the trill style I was going for.  Yes, Fiji over everything!

How long have you been producing your own material?  Do you only record over your own beats?

3 years of producing my own beats but I do still record over other production. This project was just strictly Omar Get Em.

How many music videos do you have?  Are there any tracks on your EP that you would want to shoot a video for?

I currently have 0 music videos but I’m in the process of recording 1 so hopefully that will be released before 2017. Sensations will not have any visuals to accompany the music.

How often do you perform LIVE.  Any shows lined up in the near future?

I perform spring – summer every year. So no show dates currently but I should have some lined up in January.

What your goal in this Hip Hop game?

My goal is to make it to the top. I think I am and will be the best rapper from the DMV.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Underground Hip Hop is music from the soul. The raw and uncut Music that comes from the bottom.

Where can people find you on the web?  Drop all the vital links.

Soundcloud.com/omar-get-em twitter.com/omar_getem Instagram.com/omargetem

Any shout outs?

Shout out to my brothers AK Ku$h and B Phantom for the support. Also shout out to my engineer Calin for helping with the mixes and production.

Q&A With Rising Artist Omar Get Em : Underground Hip Hop Blog