Samuel Limata Drops New Single, Video ‘Drunk, High and Lonely’

Samuel Limata Drunk, High & Lonely

East Village, NY Singer/Songwriter Samuel Limata is back with an anthem for a broken generation on new single Drunk, High & Lonely. Channeling the despondency of a fractured relationship, he turns to a wild night on the town to numb the pain of heartbreak. 

With uninhibited highs, and a sprinkling of heartbroken hue, Drunk, High & Lonely has all the components of a song that is authentic, yet fun. Free-spirited in nature, but still able to parallel life’s harsh realities.  

“For the past two years I’ve been working on my debut EP, ‘A Normal Way to Die’, which will be home to Drunk, High & Lonely. The project truly represents me as an artist and the sound I’ve been honing in on. DHL is the first of several songs that will show my growth and potential as an artist.” 

Raised in Queens, New York, and a current resident of the East Village, singer/songwriter Samuel Limata marries multiple genres into a  cohesive sound. Limata’s talents recently landed him on the title track of Kota the Friend’s highly anticipated third studio album MEMO, as well as an opening slot on Kota’s ‘Flight Night’ music festival at Sony Hall in NYC, and throughout Europe.  Limata is coming off a successful tour abroad with stops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. And now, his focus has turned back to this monumental new release.  

Samuel Limata – Drunk, High & Lonely

Backed by lively guitar and steady percussion, Limata authentically captures the liberating freedom that substances provide through a trying time. With themes of a blurred mind and sounds of blurred genres DHL’s video uses spirited visuals. At times, self-deprecating humor to match the essence of the track. Filmed at renowned Lower East Side bar Ray’s, the video’s playful feel contrasts with sleek visuals.  All of which are accentuated by the glamorous celebrity watering hole.

Limata pairs varied vocal styles with instrumentation imbued with elements of jazz, indie, and soul. He moves effortlessly from singing to understated hip-hop delivery with ease. His vocal variety adds depth to each track and showcases a wide range of musical abilities. There is a purity to Limata’s vocals.  The type that is sometimes shrouded with bittersweet tones, and his lyrics often echo this tone of this conflict. Life is chalk full-of highs and lows, and Sam’s music is unafraid to approach both sides of the coin.  And no song makes that more clear than his performance on Drunk, High & Lonely.  

As an independent artist, Limàta enjoys the creative freedom, and ability to write his own artistic destiny.  But of course, that comes with challenges, most prominently, getting people to engage with his music.  But as the music grows, so do the stages, and Sam has performed before thousands of fans this year. In the States and abroad.  His brand will continue to grow. And with more than a few more vibrant releases set for 2023, look for Samuel Limata to continue making big waves in the NYC music scene.  

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