SixSaidIt Shines on New LP, ‘Outside II’


Born and raised in the UK, Nigerian Rapper SixSaidIt has blossomed through her experiences in Atlanta and New York City.  Elements of a diverse background cascade through her music.  Six builds on vibrant soundscapes of West Africa, the cross pollination of afrobeats, drill and grime from the UK and the beloved elements of Trap from Atlanta.  SixSaidIt synthesizes these rap ingredients into a unique, harmonious sound.  

Her newest album, Outside II displays the versatility and talent that comes with cultural experience.  That shows the talents of a dynamic vocalist, with a keen ear for instrumentals that will further her sound.  

My background and personal experiences are always at the center of my music. It wouldn’t be a Six project if there isn’t some sort of representation of where I’m from and the cultures that I experienced. Throughout the project, especially on songs like Greasy, Choosey, and Branama, I tried to create a fusion of different sounds and references that tell a story of who I am. 

The authenticity of Six, found throughout Outside II is emblematic of an artist who knows who she is, and where she came from.  

SixSaidIt – ‘Outside II’

Outside II is an immersive showcase of Six’s talents as both a songwriter and vibe creator.  She balances sonic excellence with precise and clever lyricism. Beyond that, the project is indicative of an artist who is comfortable in her own skin. And moreso, willing to share her true self with her audience.  

Six’s range as an artist is put on full display as well. From bouncy afrobeat joints like Branama, to trap sounds such as Fraudstar and Toe Touch to wavy, chill songs such as Little Bit and Spring Break, her styles are ever changing. No matter the type of beat, or purpose of the song, the energy and propensity for strong writing remain consistent.  

I’m really proud of my decision to stick to what I know and finally putting full trust and faith into my artistic ability. The moment I silenced my self doubt and external opinions on what I should and shouldn’t do next, I was able to create freely and unapologetically. I’m just grateful that people are vibing to Outside II and sharing the experience with their friends. I definitely took a lot of risks on this project in order to truly showcase who I am as an artist and I’m just happy that people are excited to know more.

One of our personal favorite joints is the final track, Sad Girl Music.  Starting in a place of soulful R&B with melancholy undertones, and purposeful disharmony, the track takes an unexpected turn 1:00 in and turns into an uptempo anthem.  Six finds her energy and confidence again with dope delivery and potent bars.  

SixSaidIt’s debut has been a massive success, which should come as no surprise.  Her diverse skillsets as an artist, and ability to embrace a truly global sound has her lined up for years of success as a musician. 

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