Jack Carenza - February 10, 2023

‘Standby’ Sees Keys Open Doors Soar to New Heights

Tacoma, Washington multihyphenate recording artist Keys Open Doors released Standby, the lead single from his upcoming Blue Version EP.  The self-produced track highlights Key’s immense talents as a vocalist, producer, and songwriter.  

Keys Open Doors builds waves of emotion through the new track, with intimate vocals, earnest lyricism, and purposeful vocal layering. Over a sparse, yet sophisticated instrumental, Keys deftly displays the skills that are making him a household name for lovers of neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop.  As always, it is near impossible to box him in with the label of a genre.  Specifically, his luscious vocal tendencies shine on a scintillating hook. And the bars that follow speak to similar excellence as a songwriter. 

For you, I will Standby…

“Suggestions from n*ggas who ain’t never loved but tryna tell me how/F*ck going off potential who gone love me now?” Keys asks in a particularly powerful segment.   Lyrically, the track shows a hunger for personal and professional success  tempered by inherent modesty.  Standby reveals an artist who is borderline indignant about the recognition and acclaim he deserves, but is unwilling to sell his soul to get there.  Chiefly, Keys reveals his road to the top is paved with talent and perseverance. A lovely message embedded in a song that does just that.     

Standby is meant to herald in Keys Open Door’s upcoming three-part, Pokemon-inspired EP trilogy.  According to our sources, Blue Version is set for release in the coming weeks, with Red and Green Versions soon to follow.        

Before I was an artist putting out music, I was just a producer. I started playing piano when I was in 2nd grade and since then it’s continued to open so many doors for me. I’m blessed to say I have traveled worldwide and been on some big stages simply playing the keys. So, Keys Open Doors is literally my way of life.”

Hailing from Hilltop, Washington, recording artist and producer Keys Open Doors spent his formative years at SOTA (school of the arts) High School.  His musical interest grew through the influences of his mother (a classically trained pianist). And his experiences with music at church. The result is a sound that oozes with confidence, soul, and artistry. A sound that blends the best elements of hip-hop, soul, and gospel. Attention to detail is evident in each song, from superb songwriting to intricate self-production, to sumptuous vocal layering.