Jack Carenza - September 13, 2022

Another Sellout for Kota the Friend, Fltbys at Denver Flight Night

For a 5th straight stop, Brooklyn recording artist Kota the Friend performed before a sold out crowd at Flight Night Music Festival, this time in Denver.  With no label backing, for an independent artist, this run is unprecedented. 

Kota and fltbys followed up sellouts in Los Angeles, Chicago, and two in NYC with another masterful showing in Denver.  Once again, they provided a platform for emerging talent in The Mile High City to share their talents with a packed crowd at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.  

Six of Denver’s best independent emcees performed for an early-arriving crowd.  The energy in the venue was electric from doors to close, reaching its peak for Kota’s majestic showing.  

Denver Flight Night Performers  


410_FourOneZero Flight Night

410_FourOneZero performs at Flight Night

Supported by long-time collaborator DJ Duke, 410 kicked off the evening in great form, connecting to the Denver crowd with big energy and great vibes.  In a set that mixed bass-heavy bops and classic hip-hop vibes, the Baltimore rapper set the bar(s) high for a night full of legendary performance.  

Denver, I fell in love with you guys!! My 2nd home 4eva.  Can’t wait to come back”, 410 shared in an Instagram post.  

Swizzy J 

Swizzy J Flight Night

Swizzy J – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

No stranger to the big stage, Swizzy J took the momentum from past performances and turned it into magic.  With a solid fanbase in his city, the local emcee had fans rocking, cell phone lights out and all.  A unique performer, Swizzy’s sound performance embodied the unique sounds that Denver hip-hop has to offer.  

Always love performin’ in my city.  Energetic crowd full of good vibes and love.” Swizzy posted.  

Jason Channel 

Jason Channel Flight Night

Jason Channel – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

With his incredible stage presence, and genre bending sound, Jason Channel brought some theater to the Cervantes stage.  Backed by a live band, and a TV-head wearing mascot, Channel created some truly memorable moments, held up by an extraordinary vocal performance.  

Thank you Denver!! You guys treated me with so much love and I will be forever grateful.  I’m just a little kid at heart.  I love you all! S/o to fltbys & Kota the Friend for having me.” 

Jay Triiiple 

Jay Triiiple Flight Night

Jay Triiiple – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

Just weeks before leaving to Los Angeles with a golden ticket to Los Angeles Academy for Artists and Music Production, Jay Triiiple went off.  A farewell show for the ages, Triiiple showcased her vibrant lyricism, dynamic stage presence, and positivity.  Triiiple has been a key in making the Denver music scene a setting of collaboration and love.  Her mission to do so was fully realized on Friday night.  

Such a dope night performing out here with these artists and this city”, Triiiple shared with the Today’s Hip Hop staff.  


Resrface Flight Night

Resrface – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

A truly inspirational talent, and exquisite live performer, Resrface had the crowd on its toes early and often.  Displaying his wicked flow over soulful instrumentation, Resrface has built a sound to last, and a fanbase to match.  Look for his name to, well, resurface, time and time again when discussing the Denver independent hip hop scene.  

SOLD OUT CERVANTES MASTERPIECE BALLROOM!! I’m so thankful for Kota the Friend and fltbys for bringing me out.  But I’m even more happy I got to do this with my friends.”  

Malcolm Whyz3 

Malcolm Whyz3 Flight Night

Malcolm Whyz3 – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

An unforgettable experience to connect with new and old fans, Malcolm Whyz3 made the most of his opportunity.  It’s a lot of pressure to be the final supporting act, but Whyz3 embraced the moment with class.  Whyz3 quite literally lit up the Denver night, connecting with fans and spreading love through his music.  

This past weekend was a complete dream.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who was a part of this moment.  Especially Kota the Friend for giving us the opportunity.” 

Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend Denver Flight Night

Kota the Friend – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

And then there was Kota.  Delivering in all aspects once again, Kota the Friend captivated the Denver crowd with an astounding showing.  Kota took the stage to the brightest light show of the evening, and had the crowd rocking from start to finish.  

e madonna Flight Night

e madonna – Photo Credit: Drew Dettke

Starting with a healthy dose of songs from newest album Memo, Kota took the crowd UP, before launching into an array of classics including Long Beach, Summer House and Chicago Diner.  Supported by long-time DJ e madonna, the vibes were truly impeccable.  

An obvious highlight of the evening was when Kota performed Colorado. The crowd, so energized by their home song, urged Kota to run it back, and he obliged, to a thunderous response.   

The evening concluded with Flight Night’s usual meet and greet, where Kota the Friend connected with fans for pictures, hugs, and inspirational words.  

In Denver, Kota once again gave an unforgettable experience to a new city with Flight Night.  Next up for Flight Night is the European tour, which will hold shows in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris.  October 10th, 12th, 13th and 16th respectively.  Tickets are available now.