admin - September 30, 2016

Beanie Sigel Sends Subliminal Message: “YOUR MOVE”

State Property‘s Beanie Sigel is talking. This week the Philadelphia king sent out a subliminal message on social media days after getting attacked at a concert.

Beans went to Instagram Friday (September 30) and put up a head-scratching chess picture with a caption aimed at someone.

This week, Dreamchasers boss Meek Mill appeared to expose Beans by revealing a private text message presumably sent from him.

Earlier in the day, footage surfaced of Beanie taking shots at Meek.

A few nights ago, rapper Game’s manager Wack 100 bashed Meek for his entourage attacking Sigel.

“Y’all n*ggas went back there and put y’all hands on Beans, my n*gga. On Piru and everything Piru stand for, Beans ain’t told me sh*t about nothing. Now if you pay attention to where this problem come from, it all goes back to your man Meek. That n*gga Beans been carrying Philly on his back for 20-plus years. Y’all violated that man in front of his wife and his kids, my n*gga. That n*gga ain’t told us nothing, my n*gga. Whoever the f*ck did that needs to be dealt with my n*gga. 100. It’s all love.”

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