Behind the Bars: ‘Long Beach’ Kota the Friend Lyrics

In our newest segment ‘Behind the Bars’, we will take a deeper dive into some of our favorite artist’s most popular songs: starting with a Long Beach, Kota the Friend lyrics breakdown. It’s been nearly two years since Kota dropped Everything, a great time to dig into one of his most beloved hits.

Step inside the mind of some of your favorite hip hop lyricists with Behind the Bars.


She just want head in the mornin’
She just want lay in the daylight
She ain’t tryna do no fallin’
Don’t want love if it ain’t right
Walk on the beach on Sunday afternoon
And make her feel alive
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
I can change the story if you let me
Promise in the mornin’ won’t forget me
Lately I been missin’ California
I am far from perfect but you get me
A lot of miles gettin’ in the way
I just want to give you what you want
I been thinkin’ bout you everyday
Catch a plane and wait for me to come through

In an elegant hook, Kota sets a scene of serenity with a romantic partner. Some early morning fooling around, and relaxing time spent together. He paints a picture of a woman who is independent and wary of falling in love with the wrong person, but who understands the beauty of the relationship at hand.

Kota also has a clear view of the significance of the relationship, and the potential trials his partner may have experienced. The most touching couplet that illuminates this knowledge might be “I can change the story if you let me/promise in the morning won’t forget me.”

Overall, Long Beach’s hook is easygoing, bouncy and romantic.  Vocal assistance from Hello O’Shay and Alex Banin add special depth.  

Verse 1

She a whole mood, there ain’t nothin’ that I won’t do
Chillin’ in at the bar, while she back it up
A good girl but she actin’ up, a good girl but she bad as fuck
She on ten but I’m catchin’ up, she sweat me and I gas her up
I’d be dumb if I pass it up, those eyes said I had to jump
And her mind said I had to
One, two, three, I’m inspired by your energy
Four, five, six, feel your spirit on my finger tips
And seven, eight, nine, thank your mamma ’cause you so damn fine
And I don’t really want to say goodbye
Let me stay the night again

The first verse of Long Beach illustrates the fun side of the relationship, and the sexual spark that exists between partners. The chemistry is transparent, and Kota drives it home with plenty of catchy delivery, and concise, yet effective lexicon.

An artist who is consistently introspective, poignant, and philosophical, Long Beach ascended to the heights of popularity through its simplicity and relatability. It is certainly not Kota’s deepest track, but its message is one that initiates universal connections between speaker and audience.

*Chorus (Repeated)*

Verse 2

Hit me up and I’ll be on the way
Scoop you up and grab you by the waist
Take you anywhere you wanna go
I’m aware that you just wanna play
I know that we goin’ with the flow
Soon I’m ’bout to go and catch a plane
Baby won’t you open up the door
Tell me you are happy that I came, through
Never had a thang like you
Lil’ brown girl that can hang like you
Shine so bright in the daylight, moonlight
Makin’ that lil’ thang shake like you
Love in the back of the whip
Should we take it back to the crib
Shawty like crack no cap
Don’t know how to act with the kid
Keepin’ a stack, what it is, what she want

In verse two, Kota the Friend delves slightly deeper into the romantic connection, rather than exploring simply its physical manifestation as in verse one. Perhaps the most captivating run of lyrics come when Kota admits that he’s “never had a thing like you”, describing a brown skinned beauty, who shines with a brightness akin to celestial bodies.

Most impressively, Kota seamlessly matches his writing to the feel of the beat, creating an aesthetic that is light, playful, joyous and bouncy.

*Chorus x2*

Kota the Friend Long Beach Lyrics

Moving forward, we’ll be chopping it up with analysis similar to that of Long Beach, Kota the Friend Lyrics. Check in next week as we break down some of hip-hops most talented acts on Behind the Bars.

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