Chicago Lyricist & Flight Night Alum Joel Q Drops Single ‘3Ps’

One of the Windy City’s most potent upcoming rhymers is back at it: Chicago lyricist Joel Q has dropped another gem with new hit 3PsUplifting the hip hop scene from the Roseland/West Pullman area of Southside, Q’s newest track is another powerful offering from one of the most promising Chicago rappers.  

Produced by LA hitmaker Kenneth English, new single 3Ps is an exhibition of many of the skills that make Joel Q a special talent.  A top tier songwriter, with mic presence to match, 3Ps finds Q at ease with his life decisions.  

3Ps is inspired by my life to this point, and being at peace with everything I’ve done, good or bad,” shares Joel Q.  “I know I live by a code, so no matter what I’ll always be back in a solid state of mind, even when times get hard. 3Ps is a reminder of that.

Joel Q approaches this impressive concept very much in the style of Chicago hip hop’s best artists.  Connecting memorable wordplay and specific examples of his growth as a human, 3Ps hook is especially powerful.  “I go by the three Ps, pray more, protect/gotta persevere, go for it no stress.”  

Q’s hook is truly a message to rally around, and embodies what Chicago underground rap is all about.  Joel Q teaches us to find the best in bad situations.  Clearly, it is important forgive ourselves for past transgressions by moving forward.  

Chicago Flight Night

Chicago Lyricist Joel Q

3Ps comes just about a month after Joel Q joined several of Chicago’s top independent hip hop artists for Kota the Friend’s Flight Night Music Festival.  Joel Q connected easily with the Chicago crowd through his powerful lyricism, stage presence, and love for his city.  

At Today’s Hip Hop, we will continue to watch and cover Joel Q. As a premier Chicago lyricist, we expect more gold from Q very soon.  

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