Dave East And BIA Turn ÔÇÿHarlemÔÇÖ Into Their Own Personal Drug Saga

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Ever took a trip through the Uptown Harlem streetlights? While it might seem quiet on 125th, look a bit closer and youÔÇÖll see the ÔÇ£HarlemÔÇØ story from BIA and Dave East playing out all around you.

Spare me the hate me but IÔÇÖd rather listen to paint drying than hear most women rappers. When theyÔÇÖre jocking Juelz most basic flow to start their verse, the deck is stacked against them. That being said, BIA might have a new fan. Holding her own with the current Beast of the East, this storytelling joint plays out like an old Nas joint from his prime.

Talking narcotics, road trips and deception, the NY spitters bring us front and center for those clandestine transactions. Try to keep up with Dave as he takes you up and down the East Coast getting gwop and fighting off prospective baby mamaÔÇÖs with one of his dopest flows yet.

ÔÇ£Now IÔÇÖm major – only catch me in the latest She been begging me to taste it – on a diet, I ainÔÇÖt lyin Only moolah in my repertoire, models in a Lexus car Begging me to shoot up the club – wonÔÇÖt let my weapon off Remind me of Amil in them Roc-A-Fella days If they donÔÇÖt sign me for a mill – then IÔÇÖm back to selling haze ÔÇ£

Note to aspiring artists of all genders – if the bars stack up against a giant like this, everybody is paying attention.

Dave East And BIA Turn ÔÇÿHarlemÔÇÖ Into Their Own Personal Drug Saga : UPROXX

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