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Goodbye Tomorrow “Every Day”

*BUMP* Originally posted yesterday (Friday.) Peep below!

As prefaced all week on their social media, and again during yesterday’s newest episode of our own Gowhere You Love Podcast, Goodbye Tomorrow is here with their first single of the fall: “Every Day”.

It’s also the woke, hustler’s anthem you need in your rotation now.

Every day a new life, a new lifetime, a new lifeline…

It’s that mantra that echoes the loudest in silence afterwards, after a couple of furious verses balance some truths about society with, in Goodbye Tomorrow’s own words on the Podcast, “a very brief, fastly-worded history of Goodbye Tomorrow on a track.”.

The hard-hitting, rebellious production via Stan Sono & Ugly Eddie also sets the aggressive tone and features its usual share of subtle sounds and melodies that you’ll catch on repeat listens. All in all, this is heavy in my, I guess you can say, everyday playlist.


BONUS: With the release of “Every Day” today, Goodbye Tomorrow unveiled one of the coolest, most next level websites I’ve seen to date. Remember Geocities? Remember anything about the Internet 1.0? That’s captured and customized with more insight from Preme about the history of Goodbye Tomorrow and what each project to date has meant so far. You’ll learn something and be amazed by the sensory overload. Peep game:

Rn it only works on desktop, the experience is too crazy to properly translate through a narrow screen

— goodbyetomorrow (@goodbyetomorrow) October 28, 2016

Sensory overload

— goodbyetomorrow (@goodbyetomorrow) October 28, 2016

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