The Weeknd “Starboy”

The Weeknd is pressing the reset button… by wrecking his place with a lightsaber cross.

The symbolism is direct throughout the new visual for “Starboy” — Weeknd’s title track lead single off his upcoming album out November 25th. Abel destroys old Abel by first suffocating that old haircut and then destroying anything representing Beauty Behind The Madness. If you combine these actions with the lyrics, one can conclude that The Weeknd is hungry for more and not ready to settle behind the lavish luxuries his celebrity has brought him thus far. Well, maybe he’ll settle a bit in his foreign cars… with a black panther riding shotgun.

Daft Punk appear with said panther in a painting.

The symbolism of the black panther? Maks G found this quote about it in general:

“When you meet the Black Panther it is time to meet your fears, the fears that you have kept hidden… yet still they linger within, these are the very fears that have been holding you back from your leap into the undiscovered realm of your majestic power.

The Black Panther is calm cool and collected, breathing in the mist of power, centered deep in the core of soul power… breathing in a mystical type of endurance and strength that builds and grows with each moment, each breath.

Black Panther knows and is the essence of focused power, the power you seek, the power that unleashes your truth. For when you are ready to face your fears you face your truth, when you face your truth, you come face to face with who you really are and what you were born to be and become.”

– Presley Love

When you consider this, maybe “Starboy” means more than what those lyrics lead on?

Alas, The Weeknd will be performing the single this Saturday on SNL and for his second performance… who knows? I’d suspect a never before heard song off the album as well though.

UPDATE: I suspect it’ll be “False Alarm” — the only other track name revealed on the album as it hits iTunes pre-order today.

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