Mac Miller & Ariana Grande Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other [Video]

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller is about those relationship goals. The hip-hop artist and rumored girlfriend Ariana Grande could not avoid paparazzi cameras this week in New York.

Photographers spotted the overnight duo together Friday (September 16) after grabbing a quick bite in the Big Apple.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande aren’t playing it coy anymore … there’s clearly a thing. Our photog got them leaving Nobu 57 Friday night in NYC, as they jumped in a garden-variety yellow cab. New York is jammed this week with Fashion Week and U.N. stuff, so props to them for getting a cab that quick. (TMZ)

Earlier this week, Grande refused to crack when asked about allegedly dating Miller.

Seacrest asked about Grande supposedly confirming her relationship with Miller on Instagram recently, to which she replied, “Is that what I did? Is that what Instagram means to you now? OK world let’s go.” The two exchanged some back and forth before Grande said, “It’s too early for this kind of tea. It’s too early man… If I post something that’s what I’m willing to share at the moment. But it doesn’t mean that you Ryan Seacrest with millions of listeners are entitled to more information.” (Billboard)

In late August, Grande and Miller caught photographers’ attention in New York City.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are already starting to keep a safe distance from one another. The new couple were out in NYC Friday night — and one thing’s for sure — if Mac was trying to be incognito, it didn’t work. We’re guessing the two are in town for Sunday’s VMAs … will be interesting to see if they hit the carpet together. (TMZ)

Earlier the same week, Grande and Miller hit up a California tattoo parlor together.

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