admin - July 26, 2016

New App ÔÇÿSmoochrÔÇÖ Acts As Modern Day Brown Paper Bag Test

While catering to niche markets can be a positive thing to bring people together, dating application Smoochr may have taken that memo completely out of context.

A new dating app specifically made for the Black community, Smoochr’s driving purpose is to help singles┬á“discover Black singles by complexion, hair type and more.ÔÇØ While singles may have their own preferences, Smoochr causes problematic issues and calls on colorism to assist in finding a partner.

Offering very specific search options, the app allows users to choose from a drop-down menu of terrible titles to describe their “preferred” complexion as a flavor, gender only if you’re straight, hair type speaking to the actual texture of the hair rather than style, lip size, very specific body type and personality type, or in this case, stereotype.

With many taking to social media to express their views on the app, Black Twitter had a field day with the stereotype-perpetuating app.

This picture popped in my head when I saw “a little belly fat” #Smoochr

ÔÇö great value moesha. (@__CharityFaith) July 25, 2016

if you’re looking to date a cup of coffee this is the site for you #smoochr

ÔÇö wnsday addams (@missodessa) July 25, 2016

“Find me on #smoochr”

ÔÇö African Dad (@AfricanDad) July 25, 2016

Smoochr reactions in a nutshell:

Women: wow, this is disgusting.

Men: so people not allowed to have a type now? Wow.

ÔÇö Mrs. Sassafras Jeans (@kashmirVIII) July 25, 2016

#smoochr is kind of like Donald Trump. At first you’re like. Nahhh this can’t be real. Meanwhile it’s getting hella downloads

ÔÇö Morgan DeBaun (@MorganDeBaun) July 25, 2016

New App ÔÇÿSmoochrÔÇÖ Acts As Modern Day Brown Paper Bag Test : The Source