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Nick Young Finally Gets Revenge For Gilbert ArenasÔÇÖ Iggy Azalea Trolling

Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young is having the last laugh in his playful dispute with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas in the wake of endless Iggy Azalea trolling.

Young went to Instagram Thursday (July 14) and posted up a pic of himself alongside Arenas’ ex-girlfriend Laura Govan.

A few days ago, Arenas recorded himself breaking into Young’s home and pestering him about his publicized split from rapper Iggy Azalea.

Gilbert Arenas is the worst house guest of all time

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) July 8, 2016

Last week in Australia, Azalea threw up the middle finger to a paparazzo when asked about Young and his ex-girlfriend Keonna Green.

Iggy fired off the one finger salute — which she clarified was directed at Nick and Keonna Green — while at an airport in Australia on Wednesday … hours after Keonna spilled her guts to US Weekly about her secret affair with the NBA star. Iggy also claims Keonna’s a liar — saying Keonna is simply not telling the truth about an alleged attempt to contact Iggy to clue her in on the adultery. (TMZ)

In a recent interview, Nick’s ex said things with him turned steamy again nearly a year ago.

“It was last year, around September. We would take our son to Magic Mountain together. But sometimes Nick would say, ÔÇ£Oh, thereÔÇÖs too much traffic,ÔÇØ and heÔÇÖd just play with Nicholas in his room. We got caught up in the moment and it just happened. I would be like, ÔÇ£Nick, you cannot be sloppy. You need to be honest [with Azalea].ÔÇØ He would say, ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt want to hear it.ÔÇØ I donÔÇÖt know what was going on in his household, but me and Nick have lots of history. It wasnÔÇÖt a secret on my end. I didnÔÇÖt feel guilty because I was in love with a man, and IÔÇÖm pretty sure IÔÇÖm not the only woman.” (Us Weekly)

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Nick Young Finally Gets Revenge For Gilbert ArenasÔÇÖ Iggy Azalea Trolling : SOHH