Nicki Minaj Gets Boo’d Up W/ Meek Mill

Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj forced future hubby Meek Mill to take a break from his non-stop DC4 promotion last night (October 30) and hit a nightclub together.

The always busy duo finally linked up Sunday down in Louisiana.

A few days ago, Meek and Nicki trolled each other on social media.

Earlier this month, Meek shocked followers by appearing to delete his IG page.

It looks like Meek Mill‘s Instagram has disappeared. At some point on Monday night (Oct. 18), the Philly MC’s IG page was no longer popping up, prompting many to believe he deleted it. Why would he do such a thing? Who knows. Perhaps he’s readying a refresh to finally drop DC4. Or maybe, like his Twitter hiatus years before, it’s a self-imposed exile to clear his head. (XXL Mag)

Meek mill deleted his ig ?

— Boobie. (@QueenKeiko) October 18, 2016

Recently, Meek called Nicki his dream girl.

“I always seen it like this. I always seen it like me having one of the top hustling, prettiest girls in the game. … I wake up in my bed and I just look at Nicki like, ‘Man, this sh*t has gotta be a dream because we used to dream all this sh*t and it’s just going on right now.” (Noisey)

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