ANiMALSOUL ÔÇô ÔÇ£Color PtÔÇï.ÔÇï01ÔÇØ Album (Review)

Color Pt.01 by ANiMALSOUL

ANiMALSOUL is a 5 member band who recently dropped their very impressive EP “Color Pt.01“. ┬áIt’s really not a Hip Hop album, but you can clearly hear how Hip Hop has influenced this project! ┬áIt’s a simple concentrated 4 track EP offering the best in new indie Rock/Trans/Hip Hop/Alternative music. ┬áMost importantly this band is 100% original, creating music that is far beyond our time. ┬áTheir sound is truly unique and as a band they are really setting a high bar for 2016 and beyond. ┬áI have to admit that we are huge Hip Hop heads so coming across this type of music is extremely rare, but we have already become big fans of their movement.

Based out of West Texas, this band is really defining the new music scene out there and also branding their┬ánew music genre faster then ever. ┬áOur favorite track on this EP has to be “Song 4”. ┬áThis song right here has the potential to spread like a wildfire in the music business. ┬áIts a powerful song with great lyrics and a super smooth melodic beat. ┬áOverall we tip out hats to ANiMALSOUL for creating new cutting-edge music that is gravitating to the future of our society. ┬áFor anyone out there reading this, please visit their Bandcamp page and support their music. ┬áIndie music cant get any better then this for reals!

ANiMALSOUL ÔÇô ÔÇ£Color PtÔÇï.ÔÇï01ÔÇØ Album (Review) : Underground Hip Hop Blog

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