Jack Carenza - April 4, 2023

Brown’Sugar Productions drops ‘Trapped in the Dayz Vol. 2’

Rising DC producer Brown’Sugar Productions has released her debut collaborative album titled Trapped in the Days Vol. 2.  The album features a wide range of talented vocalists including LB199X, Young E Class, and Autumn Labella, among others. 

Released on March 23, 2023, the album is a testament to the diverse musical tapestry of the DMV, melding elements of trap, boom-bap, and soul. With a unique collection of artists taking hip-hop and R&B approaches to her beats, Brown’Sugar has managed to create an album that is both introspective and engaging. 

Each track on the album tells a story, through more than just its lyrics, but through the production itself.  Emotions and distinct experiences are conveyed through the lyrics, yes, but also through the vivid soundscapes B’SP creates.  

One of the standout tracks on the album is Gang featuring LB199X, NoLa, and Asa Weeks. This track is built on soulful strings, and its bright, warm melodies are supplemented by dope vocal performances from each artist.  Verses are hot, with NoLa and Weeks displaying superb flow and writing, and the hook is captivating.  Empowering lyrics serve as a reminder that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible.  

Another highlight from Trapped in the Days Vol. 2 is Chrome & Leather featuring Prince George’s County, Maryland singer/songwriter Autumn LaBella.  Over scintillating production, LaBella shows off her artistic range with gorgeous sung vocals and solid bars to match.  

Overall, Trapped in the Dayz Vol. 2 is an exceptional album that showcases Brown’Sugar’s immense talent and creativity. All while shining the spotlight on a range of deserving artists in the DMV.  Be sure to check out the album on your preferred streaming platform.  And if you’re in the DC area, keep an eye out for Brown’Sugar.