Flirt & Sambora’s “Laced” [Audio]

Texas artist Flirt is here to make a name for himself. His focus is putting out music he loves creating.

Flirt decides to bless us with his new record “Laced”. The record is produced by Earthie and features fellow artist Sambora. These guys create a energy that sounds like one stranded night, trippy in the desert.

The record “Laced” showcases a deep dark reality of music. But on the flip side is sorta comedic. Flirt could be creating a new market in Texas with this sound. Flirt and his crew are working on new music to bring to your ears. With putting his emotions on records,Flirt is aiming for the top. Staying consistent and keeping content out constantly. Let’s keep a eye out for Flirt and Sambora, these guys are up next!

Follow these guys on twitter: @BigBabyFlirt @PikSambora

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