Nicki Minaj Says TIDAL X Hype Is Real: “U READY?”

Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj is counting down the days until she invades New York. The curvy hip-hop star has confirmed her performance at the upcoming TIDAL X concert.

Nicki jumped on Instagram Thursday (September 22) and hyped up the upcoming star-studded event.

This week, the streaming giant service officially announced its second annual TIDAL X concert and line-up.

#TIDALX1015 w/ @aliciakeys @Beyonce @NICKIMINAJ @MsLaurynHill @common @Tip @DNCE @RobinThicke Presale 9/22

— TIDAL (@TIDALHiFi) September 21, 2016

Last week, buzz developed about TIDAL head Jay Z and wife Beyoncé planning a decked-out charity concert in Brooklyn.

Jay and Bey will perform, as well as Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill and Lil Wayne, at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The event — for which tickets will start at $50, with some VIP packages going up to $100,000 — will raise money for Robin Hood, education for children in NYC and for charities nominated by the artists. The event will also be streamed live on Tidal. (Page Six)

Recent reports narrowed in on the possibility of a delayed rumored Jay and Bey album coming together.

However, Beyoncé’s fan account (aptly named the Bey Hivé) has just teased possible song lyrics from the duo’s ‘joint album session’, making us all go into meltdown at the thought of a sequel to Lemonade and a joint venture by one of the music industry’s most successful hip hop pairing. Now, of course, a fan account usually isn’t the most reliable source of information but this Twitter account has always appeared to have direct access to Queen B’s team, teasing videos from never-before-heard singles from the singer and releasing exclusive updates about Beyoncé up-coming VMA performance. (ELLE UK)

"Hello…Hello….If you're looking for me, look up! I"m DRONING! …Flying by all you bitches…Skyin high." (Prod. by Tricky & Dream)

— THE BEYHIVÉ (@TheBeyHiveTeam) August 17, 2016

"Young BB. They hate to see me. Collect my rent from these chicks. Pass it off to my baby….. Blue." #IRS #WhereMyMoney

— THE BEYHIVÉ (@TheBeyHiveTeam) August 17, 2016

Marriage Counseling. Tennis Courts. Mansion. Therapy. Battle. Screaming. Accusations. Regret. Trust Issues. Celebrity. Visual Album. Film.

— THE BEYHIVÉ (@TheBeyHiveTeam) August 17, 2016

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