admin - July 17, 2016

Rapsody Signs to Roc Nation

The conversation about the lack of prominent female emcees always involves a discussion on the responsibility rap labels have across the globe to be inclusive, and not perpetuate the idea that rap is primarily a man’s sport. In recent years, we’ve seen Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Tink, Dreezy, Kamaiyah, Noname Gypsy and a host of other female emcees dominate and shine on their respective stages, forcing labels to step up and form partnerships. Roc Nation is the latest to do so, as they’ve announced the addition of North Carolina rapper Rapsody to their roster.

Rapsody, who has long been affiliated with 9th Wonder‘s talent gauntlet, Jamla Records, may seem like a left-field signing, but her ties to Jay Z aren’t as shallow as you might think.┬áAs the story goes, she once gave Jay Z a CD in an office lobby prior to meeting him in 2013 backstage on the Magna Carta Holy Grail tour, by which time Hov was already hip to her many talents, and even went so far as in to give her a silent co-sign.

Of course, these accounts have traveled across the internet through word-of-mouth, but they sure seem to have validity given today’s developments. The fact that Rap has worked so closely with 9th Wonder is likely not a coincidence either, considering 9th Wonder produced on Hov’s initial “retirement” LP, The Black Album, in 2003, and the two have maintained a relationship.

Congrats to Rapsody, who announced the achievement during her performance at this year’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, which is going down right now.


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