Summer Trend Alert: The Choker

With Kim Kardashian confidently gracing the cover of Forbes Magazine, you can definitely count on the rise of the choker trend to continue this summer.

Chokers can be worn in so many ways to complete the perfect outfit. They are the perfect minimalist and chic finishing touch. You can even layer them on for a more dramatic statement-pieced look.

Here are some simple, every day chokers:

(1. Athlonea – $12, 2. Velvet Scalloped – $4, ┬á3. Kitty – $12, 4. Griwia – $15,┬á5. Daisy – $32, ┬á6. Suzywan – $28 7. Hoop Charm – $4,┬á8. Night Velvet – $10, ┬á9. Lanvin – $850,┬á10. White Lace – $15)

…and here are some statement chokers that will definitely give you that┬áwow effect:

(1. Rhinestone – $20, 2. Floral – $7, 3. Ofelia – $85, 4. Navy Pom – $13, ┬á5. Gold Wire – $850)

Chokers are definitely going to transition into your┬áfall closet, so be sure to get your hands on a super cute one…or a few.

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