WaleÔÇÖs Fully Riding Behind KehlaniÔÇÖs ÔÇ£CrzyÔÇØ

Maybach Music Group rapper Wale has publicly co-signed close pal Kehlani’s new “Crzy” single.

The Washington, DC native went to Instagram Friday (July 15) to show his support for Lani’s latest audio banger.

Lani went to Instagram early Friday (July 15) and announced the song’s release.

A few weeks ago, Lani posted up a since-deleted Instagram post congratulating her ex-boyfriend Kyrie Irving‘s NBA Finals championship win.

Prior to the post, Kehlani’s Instagram page faded to black following endless Irving trolling.

Well Kyrie fans bombarded Kehlani in the comments section of her Instagram account, posting absurd messages like ÔÇ£LÔÇØ (code for her taking a loss with Kyrie winning the title), ÔÇ£big headÔÇØ which is another code for reaching out to oneÔÇÖs ex, and those who preferred the less subtle route and just wrote Kyrie. (Larry Brown Sports)

Kehlani comments on IG pic.twitter.com/Kst0bl5Zw8

— ari b. (@aribody_loveme) June 20, 2016

Lmao at Kehlani's comments on her IG pic.twitter.com/2OBhWwjsJU

— Angel (@RawIsAngel) June 20, 2016

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WaleÔÇÖs Fully Riding Behind KehlaniÔÇÖs ÔÇ£CrzyÔÇØ : SOHH

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