admin - July 20, 2016

Yale Re-Hires Black Employee Who Destroyed Window Depicting Slavery

Corey Menafee will return to his job next Monday [July 25] after breaking a window symbolizing slavery inside Yale University’s Calhoun College. Yale released a statement Tuesday and said they are giving him “a second chance” and allowing his to return to┬áa position in a “different setting.”

“Mr. Menefee is delighted to accept Yale’s offer” to return,┬ásaid his attorney, Patricia Kane.

Menafee had worked at Yale for eight years, resigning in June after he broke a window at the Calhoun College residential hall that depicted two slaves carrying baskets of cotton. Following the incident and his arrest, Menafee faced a first-degree felony charge of criminal mischief and a second-degree misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment.

The Yale community rallied behind Menafee, with students protesting outside of the courthouse and starting a petition urging Yale to re-hire Menafee and re-name Calhoun College, which is named named after prominent slavery supporter John C. Calhoun, a South Carolina senator and U.S. vice president. A Columbia University student even created a GoFundMe account to help him and his family during his unemployment.

Photo: New Haven Independent

Menafee will be taking a dish washing job at another college dining hall and is due back in court next Tuesday. Yale University has said it would ask for the charges to be dropped.

Yale Re-Hires Black Employee Who Destroyed Window Depicting Slavery : The Source