Kanye West ÔÇ£WolvesÔÇØ

In the surprise of the day, we have a music video for “Wolves”.

Kanye West, in collaboration with Balmain, releases this 7-minute visual featuring appearances by guest stars Vic Mensa and Sia, as well as his wife Kim and Kylie Jenner amongst the runway models.

The dark aesthetic really works with the gaudy and royal fashion. Both combine to my liking. Perhaps the strongest moment was Kanye’s rap verse, the words, and his interactions with Kim during that stretch. Interpret it as you will. I’m just happy one of my favorite songs from┬áTLOP gets an extra push.

ICYMI, an entertaining excerpt from Kimye’s joint interview/cover with Harper’s Bazaar yesterday.

Laura Brown: Favorite song of all time? Kanye West: ÔÇ£All Along the Watchtower.ÔÇØ The Jimi Hendrix cover. Kim Kardashian West: I really like the song ÔÇ£Only OneÔÇØ [West with Paul McCartney].

LB: Favorite Taylor Swift song? KW: For me? I donÔÇÖt have one. KKW: I was such a fan of hers.

LB: Historical figure you identify with? KKW: This one is hard. KW: Us? Muhammad Ali, Marilyn MonroeÔÇöall day. Next question.

LB: Hidden talent? I dont know if you guys hide your talents, but if you do  KKW: I can smell when someone has a cavity. Its a very specific smellnot a bad-breath smellbut something that is really strong. KW: I can analyze peoples intentions. Immediately.Thats just a warning. To everyone.

LB: Biggest insecurity? KKW: I would say looking fat sometimes. I really do take it seriously. I try to do what I can and diet and stay in shape, and it does make me insecure when IÔÇÖm heavy. KW: I used to have insecurity about my finances, then I announced that I had debt, and now I donÔÇÖt have any insecurities.

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