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Listen To DJ KhaledÔÇÖs Major Key Album [STREAM]

The day has finally come where we find out what DJ Khaled actually does. His much ballyhooed Major Key album has arrived. 

We really just saw the power of positive thinking and manifestation. Oh, and the power of social media. DJ Khaled has been a beloved figure in Hip Hop for decades and has dropped several albums and hit singles. But his latest effort Major Key is easily his most hyped and anticipated. That said, it is expected to be his best one yet.

Where his previous albums were good for at least three singles, it was hard to find many high points after those songs. But with Major Key, Khaled dug into his much improved rolodex of resources and put together an album that shows the world that he indeed does know how to put good songs together whether it be through his ideas with artists on beats, or artists on songs with each other.

Major Key may not contain blatant hit anthems like “All I Do Is Win” or “I’m So Hood” but it does have songs that capture the moment that Hip-Hop is in right now, which is what most listeners want to feel like like they are in these days, “the now.”

Listen for yourself below.

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