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Listen To Gucci ManeÔÇÖs Everybody Looking Album [STREAM]

Gucci Mane‘s welcome home party has been going on all summer and it just got a little hotter now that his post-prison album Everybody Looking is out today.

Twenty years and some change after Tupac got out of prison and dropped All Eyez On Me, Gucci Mane is now having a similar moment with the release of Everybody Looking that comes less than two months after he was released from prison.

Gucci re-enters the rap game is perhaps the most perfect situation possible as much of the music that is dominating the rap charts is directly connected to him or at least moderately influenced by him. He’s also coming back at a time where music can be packaged and released just as rapidly as he creates it. Where it took ‘Pac two months after being released to drop his first single “California Love” and then another two months to drop All Eyez On Me, Gucci Mane released a new song the week he got out and now has an entire album in the marketplace less than 60 days after getting home.

If Gucci’s album holds up for 20 years like Eyez did is a question that is too early to ponder. But judging from how fast music is made, consumed, criticized and forgotten about nowadays, Gucci Mane will probably be┬áthe first person ready to move on to the next after this album drops.

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